We are not just suppliers, we are your partners.

We aim to be part of the project from start to finish. For this, we adopt a 360 approach that allows us to see custom furniture projects from every facet. Coming from 30 years of manufacturing experience, today the Wood Couture Industrial Group is a global manufacturer of loose furniture, case goods, upholstery, joinery, artwork, and decorative accessories.

30 Years In The Making

100+ Projects Over The Globe

Our approach leverages technological innovation and the support of passionate people in pursuing their ideas. Passion after all is the potion. At the helm of this approach are our veteran leaders who steer the company, guided by their extensive experience in all areas of hospitality.

The finest in every sense

As no two projects are ever the same, we at Wood Couture pride ourselves in strong industrial capabilities and a culture of innovation, problem-solving and quality, in order to cater to the varied and changing needs of lifestyle and luxury.