What We Do

Through our distinct Wood Couture end-to-end process, we manage all phases of sourcing and creating bespoke furniture, artwork and decorative accessories, for hospitality projects and high-end residential. We interact with the designer to ensure the integrity of their design is followed through. Our mode of communication eliminates the numerous back and forth, using our custom software to make and share live design modifications and to produce the shop drawings instantaneously. We know and protect the hotel brand standards of the operators. We are inside the manufacture to coach them, to manage the fabrication process and live-track the progress. This allows us the highest efficiency and the assurance of the best possible quality. We transform the owner's assets into inventory and information by ensuring the right investment using our deep knowledge and extraordinary creativity in the budgeting.


Visualizing the entirety of the project at the very beginning allows us to foresee any potential issues and identify areas of optimization. To support this action, we take extra steps towards the BOQ where other suppliers do not. Our unique and meticulous transformation of this document ensures the project's success and efficiency, as the BOQ is the invaluable backbone of a project.


Our collaborative approach with the designer combined with our custom development software allow real time design/structural adjustments that are easily visualized and approved immediately. Our level of detail for finishings and fabric choices are displayed on the furniture in a highly realistic view to minimize changes in the prototype phase, hence saving time and money.


Over decades, we have built a wide network of contractors in Asia and we understand what makes a qualified partner. Hence, our quality management system, combined with a ISO9001-ISO 14001 certified manufacturing center partners, allow us to provide results to the highest standards.


Our custom packaging:

  • Protects each item
  • Is anti-shock
  • Includes a chip label for monitoring the good state of the item during shipment to ensure safe delivery.

We logically bundle the items to follow the unpacking sequence of the client on-site.
As a globally operating brand, we have gained knowledge in international shipping/receiving requirements and limitations for furniture.


Should the client have special requests, we are here to accommodate and find solutions that fit every reality. Above all, we want to help extend the life cycle of the product, maintain the look and feel over the years, and provide consistencies to hotel brand standards.

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